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Mining on Our Own Door Step - British Lithium key to achieving targets

Britain needs to embrace significantly increased mining on UK soil for raw materials vital to new low-carbon technologies as a trade-off for a green future Metals such as lithium and cobalt, which are key to components such as batteries for electric vehicles, need to be sourced from mines in Britain and Europe until at least 2030.

British Lithium plans to open a mine capable of producing 21,000 tonnes of the most in-demand lithium compound (lithium carbonate) by 2026 by drilling in existing disused quarries.

iNews Paper  – By Cahal MILMO | 24 May 2021 |  Cornwall

Boris's global vision turbo-charged as British Lithium delivers "world-beating battery boost"

BORIS JOHNSON’S post-Brexit Global Britain business agenda has received a massive boost after a pioneering Cornish mining company recorded better-than-expected results on lithium deposits found deep beneath the county’s soil. Battery gigafactories: Inside Tesla’s high volume battery plant.

The metal – a key component in electric car batteries – was found in underground hot springs just north of the town of Redruth. And tests on a 13-tonne bulk sample of hard rock being analysed by British Lithium’s metallurgical laboratory have revealed higher grades of the metal than previously anticipated.

Daily Express  – By SIMON OSBORNE | 14 FEB 2021 |  Cornwall

British Lithium featured in BBC Spotlight

British Lithium plays an important role in UK’s transition to Electric Vehicles

See what is needed if the UK Government wants to meet is 2030 deadline for the ban on internal combustion engines.

Original Air Date: 24 November 2020


British Lithium feature in BBC Click on BBC World News Service

British Lithium plays an important role in UK’s transition to Electric Vehicles

British Lithium featured prominently in an informative programme on Cornwall’s role in enabling the transformation of the UKs car manufacturing to Lithium powered Electric Vehicles. The programme aired in the UK and globally on BBC World Service.

Original Air Date: 21 November 2020

Mining revolution could transform Cornish economy

Cornwall will need major investment in both people and infrastructure projects if it is to fully exploit the economic benefits of its lithium deposits. Olivier Vergnault spoke to British Lithium, a prospecting company, which believes an entire infrastructure of businesses and skills providers will need to get ready for the start of a rush for the precious metal.

Cornish Guardian  – THE BIG STORY | 18 November 2020 |  Cornwall

British Lithium's CEO, Andrew Smith, discuss its plans with Proactive Investor

British Lithium eyes UK’s £80b export vehicle industry by accelerating move…

British Lithium’s Andrew Smith joins Proactive London to discuss the ‘exploration and research development company’. Smith explains how they have been operating in Cornwall for about five years now, developing a lithium hard rock project. But these activities will be accelerated when…

Date: 14 October 2020

British Lithium appoints John Walker as Strategic Advisor

British Lithium Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Cornishman John Walker as Strategic Advisor. John Walker started his career at IMERYS in St Austell in 1990 and went on to become general manager of the company’s tableware division in Belgium, before moving to the US and taking charge of Imerys North American Ceramics.

“He has enormous expertise in our sector, knows Cornwall well and has the knowledge and contacts we need to help BLL progress from meticulous analysis and economic feasibility to operational status within the next three years” said British Lithium’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Smith.

Press release – High profile industry expert joins British Lithium team | 1 Oct 2020 |  Roche

Cornwall & Devon could power UK's electric revolution&

Cornish Lithium believes Cornwall’s lithium reserves could potentially supply the UK will almost all the Lithium the UK needs. British Lithium, who recently secured a £500k Innovate UK smart grant is developing its world class hard-rock lithium deposit near St Austell.

The Cornishman – Cornwall’s rich Lithium reserves could power UK’s electric revolution | 24 Sep 2020 |  Cornwall

British Lithium Awarded $500k Grant from UK Government

British Lithium Limited (BLL) has been awarded £500,000 of match grant funding from the government to progress its research and development of hard rock lithium extraction in the St Austell area of Cornwall.

With an application success rate of around 6 per cent, the Innovate UK Smart Grant is a highly sought-after award and winning it is testament to the strength of BLL’s business case. This week’s announcement follows the company’s recent declaration of an official JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) Target Resource and a successful preliminary economic assessment (PEA) – a scoping study that analyses the technical feasibility and economic viability of a proposed mining project.

Press release – Innovate UK Smart Grant for British Lithium | 14 Aug 2020 |  Roche

Feature: UK may need 60,000kt/year of lithium for 2030s EV car strategy

The UK will need 60,000 kt/year of lithium carbonate equivalent for battery production to satisfy government plans to produce only electric vehicles by 2035, assuming production continues at around 1.2 million vehicles a year. British Lithium is aiming to supply a quarter of this by 2020.

“Our conservative opinion is that we and other potential producers in UK would be able to make a significant contribution to self sufficiency, but are unlikely to be able to meet all of UK’s rapidly growing demand,” said British Lithium’s chairman Roderick Smith.

S&P Platts Global – ELECTRIC POWER | METALS 14 Jul 2020 |  London

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly invests in Lithium Mining

A £14.3m investment from the Government’s Getting Building Fund (GBF) to stimulate post-COVID-19 recovery over the next 18 months will support £59m worth of projects and 1,100 jobs in Cornwall. 

Europe’s first geothermal lithium recovery pilot plant to extract lithium for use in batteries. This project represents a £4m collaboration between Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) and Cornish Lithium at GEL’s deep geothermal project at United Downs to demonstrate that lithium can be produced from geothermal brines with a zero-carbon footprint.

British Lithium is also developing a world class hardrock lithium project in Cornwall.

The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership| 4 Aug 2020|  

MetAmpere changes name to British Lithium

The first company in the UK to drill for lithium has officially changed its name from Metampere to British Lithium Limited.

The new branding was chosen to better reflect the work British Lithium has been carrying out in Cornwall. Six exploration holes were drilled in the St Austell area earlier this year and trenching to establish continuous lithium mineralisation from surface has now been completed. Two diamond holes are expected to be drilled before Christmas, with more planned from January 2020.


Test success brings £250m Cornish lithium quarry a step closer

The first company to drill lithium exploration holes in the UK is carrying out further excavation work in Cornwall with aim to build a quarry and processing plant – and pump £120million a year into the county’s economy.

The idea is for the £275million quarry and plant to produce up to 20,000 tonnes of the highly sought-after metal each year – sufficient to power 350,000 electric vehicles every year.

By William Telford Business Editor, Plymouth Live ​

“Staggeringly good” Lithium Exploration Results from Cornwall, “New mining in Poldark country offers route to a green future

15th September 2019

A crucial contributor to meeting the UK 2050 zero emissions target is the development of a new generation of cars and vans that don’t use petrol or diesel.

The global change to electric vehicles is not only driving the development and efficiency of lithium batteries but also the need for the metal itself. Because of this, Goldman Sachs called it “the new gasoline” and suggests demand could triple by 2025.

This week MetAmpere, the first company to drill lithium exploration holes in the UK, described their test results from Cornwall as “staggeringly good”.

Feed me News by Milo Perrin

‘Staggeringly good’ lithium exploration results​

10th September 2019

MetAmpere, the first company to drill lithium exploration holes in the UK, is carrying out further excavation work in Cornwall as part of a project to build a quarry and processing plant capable of producing 20,000 tonnes of the highly sought-after metal each year – sufficient to power 350,000 electric vehicles.

Having successfully completed six exploration drill holes, MetAmpere’s team of geologists are digging kilometres of trenches to establish continuity of the discovered ore body.

Laboratory analysis of that drilling revealed over 200 metres of continuous lithium mineralisation from surface. The trenching and further drilling will allow an independent expert to declare a Maiden JORC Resource Statement next year.

Business Cornwall

MétAmpère on TV

West Country Evening News

10th September 2019

ITV West Country Evening news covers the exciting developments being made by MétAmpère, following there major lithium discovery.

BBC Spotlight Evening News

10th September 2019

BBC’s correspondent interviews MetAmpere’s Chairman Roderick Smith and uncovers the significant lithium discovery made in Cornwall.


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