UK Lithium Exploration

British Lithium is continuing to refine our understanding of enriched lithium granites in the United Kingdom through responsible exploration. At our Cornwall project site, geological exploration has followed a sequence of multidisciplinary activities: research, reconnaissance, discovery, targeted prospecting and RC drilling.

Drilling the First Lithium Holes in UK History!

In Q2 2019 British Lithium successfully completed its maiden drilling program in Cornwall. Six Reverse Circulation holes were drilled with a maximum depth of 201.5 meters. Hole 1 on 30 April 2019 was the first Cornish lithium exploration hole ever drilled in the United Kingdom and successfully intercepted broad intercepts of Cornish lithium micas.

We have recently completed our second drilling program, this time using diamond.

Cornwall Operations Base

British Lithium has established a regional operations base deep in Cornwall, the county with the UK’s richest mining heritage. From Roche, the company heads up its exploration and fieldwork activities throughout the region. Equipped with extensive sample processing facilities and proficient IT support, British Lithium is well placed to carry out full-scale exploration activities on its portfolio of projects across the south-west and greater UK.

Computer Analysis

British Lithium using top end software to create complex 3D environments of the terrain, lithologies, exploration data, infrastructure and all the inputs required in modern exploration and project development. Specialised server farms hosts the immense database and provides the computational power required to interpret and process the data streams to provide key outputs to the project team.

LIDAR digital terrain map

Historical Data

British Lithium has collected a treasure trove of historical records, samples and historic mining data. We have been busy digitising this data to create a unique 3D perspective of the geology of Cornwall. This has been supplemented with on the ground field working and most recently, our phase one drilling program.

Part of the challenge has been unravelling 300 years of mining and exploration in Cornwall.  Our geologist have been using state of the arts tool to develop detailed understanding of unique genesis of the granitic lithium mica enrichment. We have also been conducting a detailed mineral tenure review and digitising title plans to produce detailed mineral ownership maps